About Me

I’m a PhD candidate in my fourth year (as of Fall 2018) at the University of Florida in the White Lab. My research centers around the implemenation and evaluation of ecological forecasts. From this I’ve become skilled in programming (R & python), using high performance computing, and applying ecological models to large scale weather and climate data. I regularly teach in Software and Data Carpentry workshops. Previously I obtained an undergraduate degree in Ecology from the University of Idaho and spent four years working for the US Forest Service, BLM, and Agricultural Research Service. I’m an expert in plants in the Western U.S.A., especially grasses.


  • I made a forecast system for plant phenology, it’s one of the first in ecology. Read more here or visit the site.

  • My first manuscript comparing phenology data from the U.S.A. National Phenology Network and U.S. Long Term Ecological Research Sites.